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Naganobori Copper Mine Cultural Exchange Center Daibutsu Museum

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Nara’s daibutsu, or giant Buddha statue, took a great deal of copper to make, and the Naganobori Copper Mine in Naganobori, Mitocho, Mine, where that copper was taken from, has been designated a national historic site. At the Daibutsu Museum, visitors can learn about copper and the history of copper mining in Japan, as well as the role that copper plays today. This is the only place where real mokkan—strips of wood used for writing official messages from ancient times—can be seen on display. The place where the Battle of Oda-Edo, the spark that triggered the Meiji Restoration, took place is located nearby, and relics from that battle are also on display.
Address 610 Naganobori, Mito-cho, Mine-shi, Yamaguchi-ken
Hours of Operation 9:00–17:00
Fee General Elementary and junior high
Individuals (1 person): ¥300
Groups (20+ people): ¥250
Closed New Year’s and Mon each week (open if Mon is public holiday, closed following Tue)
Contact Information 08396-2-0055