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Yamaguchi Route

In addition to gathering information about Yuda Onsen tourist spots and food vendors, you can enjoy local sake, uiro, and other culinary treats unique to Yamaguchi at the café. Inside the building, there are three distinctive foot baths (fee required).

Route Information

  1. Total route distanceAbout 70 km
  2. Average cycling timeAbout 5 hours
  3. Start/finish locationsStarts/ at JR Yudaonsen Station
    Finishes/at JR Yudaonsen Station
  4. Maximum altitude difference80m
Yamaguchi Route

Sightseeing along the Cycling Routes

Highlight!This is the perfect location overlooking the Suonada waters, where you can see all the way across to Kyushu and Shikoku on a day with nice weather. The hotel is also known for its Japanese tiger prawn cuisine.
Highlight!A coastal road overlooking Aio Bay
Highlight!Suo-Ohashi Bridge takes you over the broad tidal flats and Seto Inland Sea.
Highlight!Ride the wide curve from Prefectural Route No. 212 toward Natajima.

Cycling Routes

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