Cycling Routes

Ube Route

You can set off as soon as you arrive at Yamaguchi Ube Airport. This route lets you relax and experience the natural scenery even though you stay in the city.

Route Information

  1. Total route distanceAbout 80 km
  2. Average cycling timeAbout 6 hours
  3. Start/finish locationsStarts/at Yamaguchi Ube Airport
    Finishes/at Yamaguchi Ube Airport
  4. Maximum altitude difference119m
Ube Route

Sightseeing along the Cycling Routes

Highlight!Ride alongside Tokiwa Lake, a registered World Heritage Irrigation Structure!
Highlight!The paved road that runs by Ono Lake is recommended as a pleasant place to cycle.
Highlight!Enjoy going uphill on newly built roadways that are easy to ride on.
Highlight!Beachside ride

Cycling Routes

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