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Mine Route

The panoramic, 360-degree view filled with the grasslands and limestone rock of the karst plateau of Akiyoshidai is marvelous. Furthermore, the Geo Route lets you experience the Geo Sites of Mine Akiyoshidai Geo Park and probe the memories of the earth.

Route Information

  1. Total route distanceGeo Route (long) : 82.6km
    Karst Route (short) : 35.2 km
  2. Average cycling time Geo Route (long) : 4–5 hours
    Karst Route (short) : 2 hours
  3. Start/finish locationsStarts/ at Akiyoshi Parking Lot
    Finishes/at Akiyoshi Parking Lot
  4. Maximum altitude difference300m
Mine Route

Sightseeing along the Cycling Routes

Highlight!Overcome the steep slope to experience great panorama of Akiyoshidai.
Highlight!Ride through the countryside
Highlight!This long, straight road leads you through the peaceful meadow while the cows look on.

Cycling Routes

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